SEO Tool Collection

Technically, you can do SEO with a text only browser and notepad. But we prefer to spend our time helping our clients, rather than doing everything by hand. It helps eliminate human error, and speeds up the SEO process. This is a list of tools and websites that can help you do SEO related tasks.

Never trust a computer to actually do SEO for you, but feel free to have the computer perform certain repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. This is a set of tools developed by MNI for our own use, but you are welcome to use them, as well.

MNI Tools

SEO Browser
SEO Browser - Text only browser like lynx, but better.
The Free SEO browser is an excellent tool to analyze a website with. It shows what your website looks like to a search engines, somewhat similar to viewing it in a text only browser. But it does far more than that! It can also check your backlinks, list keyword densities, identify spam as well, it contains many other indispensable features for SEO’s and webmasters alike. SEO Browser Bookmarklet
META Tag Generator
Although metatags are not as important to search engine rankings as they used to be, they are still quite handy, and sometimes can influence your rankings indirectly. This free tool will generate not only metatags, but the entire header for a web page – doctype, title, meta information and more. It also contains advice on what metatags to avoid.
Robots.txt Generator
The robots.txt file can be a blessing or a curse. Used incorrectly, it can wipe out your rankings, but used properly it can help protect you from many marauding robots, helping protect your bandwidth and privacy. Use this free, easy to use tool to make sure that your robots.txt is generated correctly. Also contains a tutorial on robots.txt usage and myths.
DMCA Notification Templates
Content theft is rampant on the internet. People who would never steal a car seem to have no issues stealing other peoples content, depriving them of their livelihood, and in some cases, their rankings. Report these thieves using these FREE Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notification templates now!

Other Tools and Software

This list of sites has been hand-picked by us and we use them almost every day. Not one site is here because it was paid for, traded links for, or there for any other reason other than it’s useful. Basically, it’s a list of sites that offer SEO tools or services that we have not developed replacements for in-house (yet).