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McAnerin DotUS

This page has been orphaned and has only links to it from the domain. The purpose of this is to test the some stuff.

Ok, let's optimize for something now. Hmm - lets see. It's got to have enough results that if it was in some sort of probation period this page would not show up, but not be so competitive that it would not show up under the conditions that existed prior to March, 2004.

But for "dotus" there are only 17,000 results - I can work with that, and it seems fitting since my test domain is a (much maligned) dotus ccTLD.

If I do a search for "dot us", I end up with 94,000,000 responses

Register a DotUS Domain

I haven't done it for years, but I can register a dotus domain for you for a pretty good price, if you want:

dot us registration, also dot com net and org

Send an email to domain(at) with your information and I'll register and set it up for you.


Dotus domain name registration

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